Apostolis Mandylas has studied Chemistry (University of Ioannina) with speciality in organic chemistry of oil and gas & waste management (Msc, Open University) .He has been working for two years in the chemical laboratory (quality control) of hellenic air force (chemical analysis of oil, lubricant, grease). As a trainer in vocational training he is working for the last ten years, in KEK IVEPE (COMPANIES ASSOCIATION, vocational training center) and totally fifteen years in vocational training, in industry, marine industry, oil & gas industry. His field as a certified (EKEPIS) training consultant is Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Welding Inspection, Occupational Safety and Health, Enviroment and Quality. Αs a ΚΕΚ IVEPE training coordinator, he is responsible, for the examination of NDT personell, according to ESYD (National Hellenic Accreditation Body) and to coordinate KEK IVEPE as a training center of BINDT (Βritish Ιnstitute of non destructive testing).

As a certified safety engineer he holds an International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health, and a Technical Certificate in Oil & Gas Operational Safety from NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health, UK). He has sixteen years of experience as Health Safety Engineer (HSE) in marine industry, shipping industry, metal industry & oil gas industry.

He is a Certified NDT Engineer, Welding Inspector according to ASNT-TC1A, PCN, CSWIP EN473-ISO9712, Level2 and Painting Inspector lcorr level1. He is providing inspections and certifications according to the following procedures:

  1. Visual & optical testing
  2. Magnetic testing
  3. Penetrant testing
  4. Ultrasonic testing of welds
  5. Thickness meausurment & lamination checking
  6. Radiographic testing
  7. Radiographic interpretation
  8. Basic radiation safety
  9. Eddy current testing
  10. Infrared thermography (PCN ISO 18436)
  11. Vibration analysis (PCN ISO 18436)
  12. Painting / Coating inspection
As a consultant and inspector in controlling systems he is certified in:

  1. Quality systems (ISO 9001)
  2. Enviromental system (ISO 14001)
  3. Occupational safety & health system (OHSAS 18001, ELOT EN 1801)
  4. Food safety (ISO 22000-HACCP)

Spyros Mandylas holds a Mathematics–statistics Bsc (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) and has an experience of twenty years in the field of non destructive testing (NDT) welding inspection, occupational safety and health, enviroment and quality. He is a trainer in vocational training and he is also a certified (EKEPIS) training consultant.

He is working as an Ndt Engineer, Welding Inspector, with speciality in statistical processing control in quality systems and in the fields of quantitative risk assesment.

Apostolis & Spyros Mandylas with their experience in Non Destructive Testing, Ndt, Welding Inspection, Occupational Safety and Health, enviroment and quality are able to provide complete and trustfull solutions to any demand of their clients.

The sectors of their activities are industry, marine & shipping industry, oil & gas industry and their activities take place in Greece, Cyprus & abroad (offshore).